Video Shows Humpback Whale Crashing Down On Boat During 'Insane' Moment

Breaching humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae

Photo: Getty Images

An "insane" moment in which a humpback whale briefly submerged a boat off the Massachusetts coast was caught on camera Sunday (July 24) morning.

Footage of the encounter showing the large mammal jump out of the water and crash down on the bow of a 19-foot boat was shared with NBC Boston.

The incident took place in the area of White Horse Beach in Plymouth at around 10:00 a.m., according to town officials via NBC News.

“It was insane," one witness, Ryder Parkhurst, told NBC Boston. "The guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all. Pops up, bang ... right on the bow of the guy’s boat.”

“I just saw the boat go freaking flying, it was crazy,” Parkhurst said. “It was nuts. I couldn’t believe the thing was still floating.”

Local officials issued a statement obtained by NBC News, which confirmed "no injuries and no major damage that affected the seaworthiness of the vessel" after a Plymouth Harbormaster Department boat responded to the scene and checked on the boat and its occupants.

The department was already monitoring the area after prior whale sightings recently.

Last Friday (July 22), paddleboarder Bob Babcock captured a video of a massive whale jumping out of the water and onto a boat, NBC Boston reports.

Another paddleboarder, Michael Manfredi, also captured photos of a humpback whale jumping out of the water last Sunday (July 17), NBC Boston reports.

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