Russell Dickerson Shares His Struggles With Being Tall

Russell Dickerson called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new self-titled album that’s out today, the struggles of being tall and more!  

Even though Dickerson’s new album out today is his third studio album, he told Bobby Bones its self-titled because he picked fifteen songs that he loved and felt really represented him and who he is as a person. When it comes to writing songs, Dickerson explained it’s important for him to co-write the songs that will end up on the album. He's found a great group of people who help him bring out the best songs and stories and to dig emotionally deeper. Bones asked if he’d ever do a kid’s record now that his son is getting older. He thinks about it often and that he would crush a kid's record. He thinks the songs just need a sick beat behind them. 

Dickerson is six-foot-four and said the biggest struggle he has with being that tall is being on airplanes because he always hits his head on the overhead compartment.  He also can’t stand at ballgames or concerts without the people behind him getting annoyed. He tries to be respectful of his height and stand towards the back.  

Dickerson recently got back from touring with Tim McGraw and said a memorable moment was when McGraw called him out to sing his song “I Like It, I Love It” together at the end of show. A year ago, Dickerson was covering that song during his shows and couldn’t believe a year later he was singing it with McGraw on tour.  

Bones looked up the top questions Googled about Dickerson and got the answers. “How long has Russell Dickerson been married?”: Nine years. “Is the new Russell Dickerson album good?”: He said it’s not for him to decide. “Why isn’t Russell Dickerson nominated for a CMA?”: He doesn't have an answer for that. “Has he ever performed at an award show?”: The CMT awards. The final question: “Is Russell Dickerson the country singer in the tank top?”: Yes, and he’s happy that’s catching on.  

Looking back at his career, Dickerson said being able to take a break during the pandemic really allowed him to dig deeper into getting a new perspective of who he is and helped him create his new album. Out of the fifteen tracks on his new album, if he had to only play one that really represents the album and who Dickerson is today, it’d be the first track called “Blame It on Being Young.” He thinks it shows the depth of the record. It goes way back into his life and reflects a time when he was younger.  

Regardless of not being nominated, Dickerson will be going to the CMA Awards Wednesday night, but he’s not sure what he’s wearing yet.  

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