What does dad really want?

So this year Omaha Steaks has done a Survey on what dads really wanted, The sample size was 2000 dads and some of the numbers they crunched were pretty interesting, 57% of them admit it's their favorite holiday and 61% also admit they aren't too interested in items that say "Worlds Greatest Dad"

Here is the top 10 items Dad is looking for according to the survey:

1. A phone call from my kids, 47%.

2. A big steak, 41%.

3. Some peace and quiet, 38%.

4. Watching a baseball game with the family, 38%.

5. A few beers, 35%.

6. A cheap, practical gift like socks or a tie, 35%.

7. A glass of wine, 34%.

8. To watch whatever I want on TV, 34%.

9. A glass of whiskey, 29%.

10. An expensive physical gift, like an Apple watch, 29%. 

You can dig deeper into the numbers here

Mike Rivera


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