Police help a man with no shoes

It's wonderful to hear stories about people doing the right things for others and expecting nothing in return, A Chattanooga Police officer, Chris Yates is getting recognized for doing just that. He received a call about a gentleman hanging out near a convenience store with nothing but cardboard strapped to his feet to stay off the very hot pavement.

"I noticed he was still trying to move that cardboard, so I told him to hold on for a few minutes and I'd be right back. I went up the road, ask him his shoe size, went up the street to the Goodwill and bought him a pair of shoes, which helped him get on his way,”

Yates wasn't looking for attention either, "One of the things that was grained in our head when we were coming up was we are servants. We are a public servant. And, you know, that's our duty. But as a human being also, you want to help people. And that's why I started this job. Because I like to help people,”

The deed didntThe deed didn't go unnoticed as a passerby made a post on Facebook.Yates is hopeful to continue to help people in the city he serves.

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Yates is just greatful

Mike Rivera


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