The Joys of dealing with HOAs during the holidays

I understand why HOAs exist... I had the Fortune/Misfortune of having to deal with them when I was still living in Central Texas. Most of the time for me it was "You're trash can isn't hidden enough" "Grass Needs Mowing" and little annoyances like that. I can understand what this lady is going through. So in Richmond, Texas, Angela Nava is going head to head with her homeowner's association after complaints about her "inappropriate" Halloween decorations.

Her decorations are basically skeletons on stripper poles. Most of them have wigs and are pretty much in stripper poses. Nava admits, "It's modeled after an adult club," adding, "We just really had a good time changing the scene up every night. Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it's really been just a great creative outlet for me."

She also noted that none of her immediate neighbors have complained. She was given 30 days to remove the decorations by the HOA, but since Halloween is this weekend, and falls before the HOA's deadline, she's going to just leave them up.

Whats the harm? Now if it were April and they were still up... I'd get it.