Cheaters never win!!! A husband tries to cover by breaking his phone

A day at the office got really interesting for a repairman and he took to TikTok to share it. In his video, the phone technician explains that a couple came in to get the husband’s phone fixed and he told them to come back in an hour and he’d have it done. He shows what he found when he took the cover off the phone and opened it up. Something unexpected was inside - a note and a crisp $100 bill.

“Please tell my wife the phone is unfixable,” the handwritten message reads. “She wants to check the phone’s history. $100 is yours, thanks.”

Some of the responses are just gold... One user urges him to “respect the bro code” and another points out that “It’s technically his phone, not hers. Do what he says.” And our favorite response? “Just give it back broken with the note and money in hand and tell him ‘I found the problem, but I can’t fix that.’”

what do you think?