Stressed? How bout some grown up Play Doh

So Hasbro is looking to help adults relive some of their childhoods by releasing a new line of adult Play-Doh. The new line comes with “Grown Up Scents” and is aiming to entice elders with the mature aromas of “Overpriced Latte” or “Mom Jeans,” a fragrance also known as “clean denim.” Play-Doh officials say that the scents should evoke the pleasures of adulthood, such as the floral ambiance of a “Spa Day” or that strong smell of suburban success like freshly cut grass, for the “Lord of the Lawn” in your life. Doh cups are available for those adults who fancy smoked meat, with “Grill King,” but don't forget about “Dad Sneakers” which smell like rubber.

However, big kids will have to wait as the new line of modeling putty is currently sold out on Amazon. Hasbro says that sales of Play-Doh, along with the game of Monopoly, have soared during the coronavirus pandemic as parents and their children are spending a majority of their time together indoors. They anticipate that trend will continue.